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Basic Alpaca Care

Alpaca housing

  • Alpacas must have protection from predators.  A perimeter fence of 6' tall can keep out predators or a herd guardian such as a llama.

  • We recommend keeping dogs away from your alpacas.

  • Must have protection from wind and bad weather such as a barn or 3 sided shelter.

  • Pasture with sufficient room to run.

  • Different areas to divide males from females.

Daily Care

  • Feed grain and mineral.  We feed Ranchway Alpaca grain and mineral every evening.

  • Keep free choice hay stocked.  We feed Orchard grass/alfalfa mix (the alfalfa is great for nursing and pregnant mothers).  Be careful though must not be too stemy or dusty!  And nice and green!  They are picky!

  • Fill water.  Must have clean full water.

  • Scoop poop as needed.  We scoop on the weekends.

 Annual Care

  • We shear our animals every spring.

  • Teeth trimming if needed during shearing, this includes male fighting teeth.

  • Trim toenails during shearing, but some of them need it done more frequently.

  • CDT vaccine once a year and deworm.

Updated February 22, 2017