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Interesting Alpaca Facts


  • Alpaca fleece is lanolin free unlike sheep wool.  Therefore it is Hypoallergenic, warmer and not as itchy. It also doesn't need harsh chemicals to clean.
  • Their fiber is flame and water resistant.
  • Alpacas spit when stressed, feel threatened, or to determine pecking order.
  • Male alpacas orgle during breeding in order to get the female to ovulate. 
  • There are 22 different colors of alpacas and hundreds of shades.
  • An Alpaca is a domesticated species of the South American Camelid.  It resembles a small llama in appearance.
  • Alpacas are bred once a year.  The female has a gestation period of 242-345 days.
  • Alpacas usually have their baby in morning. 
  • Alpacas live up to 20 years.
  • They live in a wide range of habitats.
  • They all defecate in the same pile.
  • Alpacas are herd animals.
  • Alpacas hum and click to communicate with their cria.

Updated February 22, 2017